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Knightscope launches public listing on NASDAQ (A d)

Knightscope, Inc., a developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on improving security operations in the United States, has begun offering up to $ 40 million in Class A common stock, with the shares to be listed immediately after the close of NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “KSCP.”

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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. provides liquidity, stability and accessibility to the US real estate market by purchasing residential mortgages issued by lenders and investing in mortgages and mortgage-related securities. It operates through the following segments: Single Family Guarantee, Multi Family, Capital Markets and All Others. The Single Family Guarantee segment is engaged in the purchase, securitization and guarantee of single family loans and the management of single family mortgage credit risk. The Multi-Family segment is engaged in the purchase, sale, securitization and guarantee of multi-family loans and securities and the management of multi-family mortgage credit risk and market spread risk. The Capital Markets segment is engaged in the management of a portfolio of mortgage related investments, treasury function, single family securitization activities and interest rate risk. The All Others segment comprises significant corporate level activities which are infrequent in nature and based on decisions beyond the control of the reportable segments of management. The company was founded on July 24, 1970 and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

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