Greer steps down as CEO of Loan Market NZ

Brian Greer, managing director of Loan Market New Zealand, is stepping down as an adviser.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 10:07 a.m.

Loan Market has confirmed that its New Zealand boss is due to step down in the coming months. Greer will continue to be part of the broader Loan Market/NZFSG group after his resignation.

Greer has resigned from his post as he plans to spend more time with his family and run his adviser business in Dunedin.

The departure was announced to members of the loan market in recent days.

Brendon Smith, CEO of NZFSG, said Greer would stay on until Loan Market finds a new CEO. The company will consider both internal and external applicants, Smith said.

“We’re going to go out in the market and see who raises their hand,” Smith said. “I expect to see both external and internal applications.”

Smith said Greer was “determined to stay with Loan Market and run his business in Dunedin”: “After many years on the road, Brian wants to spend more time in Dunedin, and we respect and support that decision.”

Greer will remain a director of NZFSG and will continue to attend board meetings.

“From time to time, we will use Brian’s vast knowledge. He has been an excellent leader in this business, and we will not lose him.”

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